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For visitors to the site

1. What is the portal group "Einfach Urlaub"?

The portal group brings together five different portals promoting tourism offers at home and abroad: Urlaub-deutschlandweit.de and Reisen-deutschlandweit.de for holiday and leisure activities in Germany, Urlaub-europaweit.de, Urlaub-top10.de and naturnah-reisen.de for deals in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, and soon worldwide. At a reasonable price, the directories offer an opportunity to become instantly more visible on the internet, attracting more customers.

2. What is on offer?

The focus is on the provision of holiday accommodation such as chalets, hotels, apartments, holiday homes, youth- and family centers. There are also cultural events such as exhibitions, museums, seminars and courses, recreational activities at, for example, adventure and amusement parks, and leisure facilities including water sports, cycling, mountaineering, winter sports, and aviation. Each portal has its own focus; for example, themed holidays at Reisen-deutschlandweit.de, or eco-holidays in beautiful natural surroundings at naturnah-reisen.de.

3. How do I find an offer?

A full-text search is available in every portal, so you can search for key words, or destinations. Depending on which site you are using, you can also search by a variety of other criteria, such as country, state, region, holiday theme, or proximity to nature reserves. The search will give you a list of possible offers in the category you have selected.

4. How can I book a holiday or leisure activities?

We are not a booking portal, but we do provide you with all the necessary information and links to get you in direct contact with your host or provider. In this way, we offer you an individual exchange of information and the opportunity to book directly, free of any additional commission costs.

5. How do I review an offer when I get home?

Each portal has its own platform for you to review and comment on your holiday experiences. It is also a great source of information for new guests - please make good use of it!

For Providers

1. How can I advertise here?

Each of the five tourism portals brought together in the portal group "Einfach Urlaub" allows you to make a detailed listing with a description of the offer, pictures and a link to your homepage to put customers in direct contact with you. These listings are available for an entry fee. Furthermore, a link to your offer can be created, free of charge, with a reciprocal link to us on your homepage. Banner advertising is also possiblle.

2. What types of listing can I enter?

You can enter a listing as a standing order, which will be automatically renewed every 12 months, or as a single order for 1, 2 or 3 years, with the option to extend it later. Your entry can be either a standard or a premium listing, and you can choose between creating your listing yourself or using our set-up and update service. On request, we can also translate your listing for you (German/English) and display it in two languages.

3. Why are there five different portals?

The directories allow you to increase your visibility on the internet in several ways, thus improving your chances of attracting new customers. Urlaub-deutschlandweit.de and Reisen-deutschlandweit.de promote offers in Germany, while Urlaub-europaweit.de, Urlaub-top10.de and naturnah-reisen.de are for deals in both Germany and elsewhere in Europe, and soon worldwide. Each portal has its own focus; for example, themed holidays at Reisen-deutschlandweit.de, or eco-holidays in beautiful natural surroundings at naturnah-reisen.de.

4. How will my listing be made highly visible to potential customers?

Each portal has been programmed to the latest technical standards and optimized for search engines. Within the directories visitors can use maps, menus and a full text search to help find individual offers. So that no listing gets “buried”, and every offer has an equal chance of being seen, we limit the number of entries to a maximum of 20 per category and region. If there are fewer listings while the directories are under construction, this is by no means a disadvantage to the provider, but rather an additional bonus, as it means customers are more likely to see your listing.

5. What is the difference between the standard and premium listings?

Premium listings are more visible and have more space for descriptions and pictures as well as additional links to your website.

6. How many pictures can I post per entry?

Up to 3 pictures in standard listings, up to 9 for premium listings.

7. How much does an entry cost?

The prices per month are between EUR 3 (standard entry for 1 portal with a self-made listing and without translation, single order for 3 years) and 8.16 EUR (premium listing for 5 portals with set-up service and translation, single order for 3 years). Under "Add it now" an automatic price preview shows all possible variations.
8. What discounts are available?

If you place a reciprocal link on your home page to each of your listings, you will receive a 10% discount on all charges. We encourage reciprocal links for the benefit of both parties, to achieve even better results on search engines. Also we offer a 10% discount if you enter listings for 2 or more offers, or if a listing is made by your recommendation.

9. When do I pay?

No Risk: You will receive your invoice only after the publication of your entry, payable within 2 weeks by bank transfer, or online via Paypal. Invoices for standing orders are issued for 12 months each, invoices for single orders are issued for the duration of the booked period of 12, 24 or 36 months.

10. How can I cancel a listing?

Standing orders must be canceled in writing at least 6 weeks before the end of the 12-month booked period. If they are not cancelled , standing orders are automatically extended for a further 12 months. Single orders do not need to be cancelled; you will be asked whether you wish to extend your order.

11. How do I place an ad or advertising banner?

Please contact us for this. Text ads include text links can be placed under "Other Operators", banners can also be placed individually.

12. Can I advertise several offers?

Offers in one geographical place can be advertised together in one listing at no extra cost. Offers in different locations can be advertised at a reduced price with the discount mentioned in question 8 above.

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